PakNak recently contacted me and sent a few items to review. So, I bet your wondering what are PakNaks? PakNaks are a 3D decoration that can be put on bags, notebooks or household items. They are soft and rubbery and very colorful. PakNaks have an adhesive on the back of the 3D image that is strong enough to stick and stay stuck on your kids or your own items. Also, PakNaks are weather resistant. How cool is that?

You won’t have to sew and you won’t have to pin them on. The best part of PakNaks is that you can change the style of your favorite things without the hassle or the extra money. This is also an earth friendly product as you can re-use items without having to buy something new because your bored from seeing the same thing day in and out.

These will go perfect in Aiden’s baby album. I’d recommend ordering them as there so cute and easy to apply. PakNak would receive five out five stars!!


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