Pantzies: like candy for your panties

Pantzies have revolutionized the world of fashion. They are available in both thong and panty shapes and its the first couture pantie liner! They been tested safe and effective and they are hypoallergenic. And Pantzies uses the same fabric that you would find in your underwear. The fabric is finished with an anti-bacterial treatment which helps eliminate the growth of bacteria and fungal cells.

You can wear them with or without underwear. These can also be washed by hand and laid flat to dry. They are quick drying and moisture wicking.

There are three types of Pantzies:

  • Pantzies original for almost all fabrics and applications
  • Pantzies Daintzies for delicate and fine lingerie, lace and mesh
  • Pantzies Sportzies for fabrics that are slippery like nylon/spandex, and for vigorous activity and tight fitting clothing when you need more ‘stick’; such as in bathing suits, workout wear, jeans, and pants.

Pantzies also come in three different shapes:

  • Panty shape for full back panties, pantyhose, leotards, Spanx or loose fitting pants.
  • Thong shape for thong back underwear and leotards, and
  • Pant shape for tight fitting jeans, pants, and work out wear.

I would rate Pantzies 5 out of 5 stars as they are very cute and they are comfortable and a product that is green.


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