Wearable: Giftable: Meaningful (Alex’s Angels)

It’s true I love jewelry. All types of jewelry including costume jewelry!
Alexa’s Angels specializes in expressive jewelry with a meaningful purpose.
The creator Beth, first began selling her works of art at art shows across the country in 1995. The name of the company came about after her children. She states her children are her confidantes and they are also the consultants on her jewelry. She states they offer her a unique perspective and energy to help her make connections with a whole new generation.

Beth offered me the opportunity to review the Love is.. Heart and Cross bracelet (Love is Charm.) When I first picked up the bracelet I noticed the detail and how much it shined. I also noticed once I put it around my wrist that I had a lot of room. Thankfully, I realized this can be adjusted from 7″ inches to 8″. The Charm bracelet is really cute and I love how it can go with practically any outfit I’d chose to wear. You can purchase this item for $25.00 by clicking here.

The quality of this piece was excellent! And Alexa’s Angels would receive 5 out of 5 stars!


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