I received the Go Green: Non-Toxic Ceramic Earth-ware Bouquet Vase and Posie Pitcher to review from Emerson Creek Pottery.

Emerson Creek Pottery has been offering Go Green Ceramic Earth-ware for decades. Americans are eagerly seeking green options and Emerson Creek Pottery has a growing number of fans due to the planet friendly merchandise offered online.

The Go Green Bouquet vase adds an artistic touch to any room and it’s organic styling makes it the perfect accent within any home decor setting. This is available on Emerson Creek Pottery’s page for $20.50. While your checking that out online definitely check out the Posie Pitcher as it’s completely adorable. The Posie Pitcher is also earth-toned and handcrafted from the clay found right under the Blue Ride Mountains! The Posie Pitcher can be purchased for $18.50.

The quality of Emerson Creeks Pottery is beyond excellence. It’s awesome that this is hand painted and handmade and that it’s also microwave and dishwasher safe.
This can also be put in the over and it’s surprisingly 100% lead free!

I truly adore and approve company’s that make there merchandise in the USA. I loved the quality of these pieces and Emerson Creek Pottery received 5 out of 5 stars! I really wish I knew how to make pottery it seems like a great craft to learn!


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