Stride Everyday: light protection with a great design!

Stride Everyday offered to send me a pair one of there sport bikinis to review. They offer underwear for males and female with light leak protection. The innovative 2-in-1 solution keeps you dry with its patented absorbency technology which is sewn right into the shield. Having this technology saves money and time and is earth friendly as you will not need to use disposable products any longer! The sewn in protection is super thin, very discreet and completely comfortable! You won’t even know it’s there.


  • * 100% looks like regular men’s underwear (can’t tell the difference!)
  • * Keeps you dry and comfortable – every day
  • * Machine washable
  • * Anti-microbial – fights odors, naturally deodorizes
  • * Variety of sizes and colors
  • * High quality design and premium fabrication
  • * Convenient – just wear and go
  • * Breathable
  • * Super thin built-in absorbency shield feels barely there
  • * Cost saving over time because they’re non-disposable
  • * Holds up to 3 ounces of moisture throughout the day

I remember when I was pregnant with Aiden and every-time I would cough or sneeze I would have a light leak. I remember how embarrassed I would be and I always wondered if I leaked too much. I really wish I would of known about this product considering the designs are incredibly cute and they feel so smooth against my skin. Stride Everyday would receive five out of 5 stars!! Check Stride Everyday out on Facebook!


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