Kicky Pants: Incredibly soft!!!

As soon as I took the shirt and pants out of the package I was in love with how soft and and natural the colors were. With the shirt and pants being incredibly smooth to the touch I knew this would be perfect for Aiden.

I am a huge fan of the Kicky Pants brand. They offer dresses, onesies, PJ’s, blankets, maternity clothes, tees, polos, pants and much more. Kicky Pants fits true to size and it’s made from bamboo.

Why Bamboo? Bamboo is an eco-friendly sustainable fiber with natural anti-bacterial properties. Bamboo requires no pesticides or herbicides in the growing process. It has a natural wicking ability that will help keep your child warm, dry and odor free. It is naturally soft, light and silky with no spurs or rough patches. It is very gentle and soothing next to baby’s sensitive skin.

This is a great find!


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