Blankies N’ More — so soft and so unique! is owned and operated by a stay at home mother who started sewing after she received a sewing machine as a Christmas present. Since that Christmas she’s been creating items for baby gifts as well as things for her own children. With a lot of practice and time dedicated to her craft she discovered how to create things with her sewing machine. The items she makes are made from high quality materials and are not from patterns but from her own head.

She has a bunch of items to purchase such as backpacks, nursing covers, covered diaper wipes containers, security blankets cloth panel burp clothes and much much more.

For my review she offered to send me three items which are adorable and incredibly soft. Let alone Aiden loves to hold and bite on the blanket.

The Covered Baby Wipes Container I reviewed in the boy paisley print was put together by hand with love and attention to detail. It’s something that’s very unique and of high quality. I wish I had her creativity and passion to create items such as this.

The Security Blanket is the right size it’s also in the matching brown and turquoise paisley/brown minky print. It’s big enough for a child to hold and feel secure but small enough to be stored in the diaper bag for outings.

My favorite item was the Security Blanket with Toy Rings. She included a Infantino Water Filled Teether and one Infantino Toy Ring with the blanket. These were attached through the two loops which can also hold other toys or your child’s binky. It’s approximately 14″X14″. And let me tell you it’s an adorable item and something Aiden’s already loving to play with.


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