Luvali Convertible Handbag Review

We all love being stylish and saving money. Luvali Convertible handbags can help you achieve both. These stylish bags are actually three bags in one. Each handbag comes with a reversible cover. Once the cover has been removed you have a cute solid handbag. The bags are available in two sizes. The Classic is 8 X 11 and the Tote is 11 X 14. The Tote can even be used as a diaper bag or a laptop tote.

The bag maintains it’s shape and it’s extremely structured. You can tell it wasn’t made cheaply. The slip cover fits perfectly and it’s snug enough to keep the bag looking like one solid piece. It can also be removed. If you decide to change the cover it’s really easy and I was impressed it can be washed! If you hate purchasing new handbags and your stylish this is the perfect tote for you.

Lavali handbags come in several fantastic patterns and my favorite was the the Pretty Woman in Chocolate. This tote retails for $103.95.


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