Ouch Aiden! Quit pulling my hair! CuddleTug Review!

When Aiden is nursing or being held he always find a way to grab my hair. He loves to hold it in his hands, pull on it, and eat it. Of course, I’m not fond of this and thankfully a new product which is patent pending solves this issue.

CuddleTug was designed for moms and infants. They know babies love to pinch, pull, and tug while your nursing, feeding, holding and snuggling them. Babies are always looking up for something to touch and with the CuddleTug it’s something easy and colorful that draws their attention away from other objects such as your hair or earrings. CuddleTugs are easy to use and they are washable.

CuddleTugs are available in a variety of colors and fabric designs and surprisingly they are all handmade in the USA! They measure 28″ inches and they retail for $14.75. I fell in love with the Bee a Baby CuddleTug as it’s in black and yellow aka it’s the colors of the Iowa Hawkeyes! On top of the incredibly low prices CuddleTug offers free shipping in the continental US.

Website: http://www.cuddletug.com/
Facebook: Click here!


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