Gorgeous jewelry at an affordable price!

Gem Stone King is a leading online jewelry company that has had more than 40,000 internet sales. The family which owns Gem Stone King has been in the diamond business for more than 100 years. And let me tell you they offer their merchandise at very low and competitive prices. 

The company started selling to jewelry stores all over the world. However, the internet changed all this and it gave the company an explosion of new business. This made it possible to offer the merchandise directly to the consumer and due to the fact they purchase directly from the source, they are able to offer low prices to match their high quality.

They offer beautiful polished diamonds, colored diamonds in wide range of colors, loose gemstones and fine designer jewelry. All diamonds that are sold from Gem Stone King are conflict free as they only purchase from sources with a Kimberely certificate.

Gem Stone King was kind and allowed me to pick out one item from their Ebay website worth $19.99. I chose the 2.75 Ct Oval Mystic Topaz Ring in Sterling Silver 9X7mm.  This ring retails for $130.00. However, it is sold on Ebay for $19.99 and $29.99 on the Gem Stone King Website. This has an approximate savings of 76%! I was very impressed with the prices offered and quality of the merchandise. You can choose the size of ring you wish to purchase and the ring I choose sparkles so beautifully!


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