Comfy Rumps Cloth Diaper Product Review

Cloth diapers are stylish and affordable. Let me start by saying that you can make cloth diapering as expensive or as inexpspensive as you wish. Your savings will be different depending on where you purchase the diapers and which prints you wish to purchase.

The average cost for a disposable diaper is $0.28 per a diaper. An average child will use 8 diapers during a day and the average cost for disposable diapers for a child would be approximately $2,862.72 from newborn to age 3 years.

Cloth diapering ranges widely and it’s honestly really hard to give an exact figure on how much the cost would be. Cloth diapering (includes the cost of cloth wipes and the laundering) can range from $400-1,300 dollars for the duration of diapering.

Comfy Rumps  offers affordable cloth diapers which are super cute and have no issues with leaking. The company began in 2009 after the owners noticed how much they could save using cloth diapers and they wanted to make an affordable and earth friendly product that was both stylish and durable! Aiden had the opportunity to “test drive” the Cow Print Fuzzy Wuzzy diaper which retails for $8.00. The cloth diaper we received did not leak and the fabric was super cute and very soft!


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