Dropper Stopper: You’d be silly to leave home without this!! (Review)

Lately, Aiden has been throwing his bottle on the floor as a way to gain attention from Nick and I. Of course, it worked the first few times and it did get a little obnoxious after the first few rounds.This weekend I found an amazing product that can help put an end to this activity. The Dropper Stopper is perfect for that chic mom who hates chasing down runaway sippy cups or bottles. You will no longer play the ‘pickup game’ with your little one and the sippy cup/bottle will no longer be exposed to extra and unnecessary germs.

The Dropper Stopper is made with designer fabric, it is vibrant and of course stylish! It has a special grip material which provides a snug hold and snaps that can be modified to a longer or shorter length. This can be used on today’s stylish strollers; diaper bags and it makes the perfect baby shower gift!
I used the Dropper Stopper on two separate occasions and I had nothing bad to report. The Dropper Stopper was first used as Aiden bounced on his jumper. He typically gets thirsty and I figured it was worth a try to give him the option to have a sip or two as he wished. I also used this as an attachment on his high chair. He attempted to drop it on several occasions and after a few times he realized it wasn’t falling on the floor and he somewhat gave up on his little tricky game he was attempting to play with me.

I only have a praises on this product and this is certainly a must have floor all new and ‘old’ moms. This can be purchased for $13.00 and it’s available in seven separate fabric/colors.

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9 thoughts on “Dropper Stopper: You’d be silly to leave home without this!! (Review)

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