Jarritos Soda: Review

Jarritos is one of Mexico’s original and most popular soft drink brands. And yes, the company is still growing and diverse. The company was established in 1950 by Don Francisco “El Guro” Hill and they currently offers 11 unique fruity flavors which are made with 100% natural sugar!

I was ecstatic when I received the sampler pack which included all 11 Jarritos flavors. Of course, I wanted to pop the tops off of every single bottle to try them. However, I tamed myself and tried them one by one on different days.

Jarritos sodas are still being bottled with glass. I’m not fond of this due to the environmental factor. Although, I believe soda that’s bottled has a unique and crisp flavor and taste better than soda bottled in a plastic container.

Being the reviewer of this product I had to defend my treasured Jarritos sodas from Nick and boy was that a battle. But, lets just say I didn’t win. Jarritos, had a more complex flavor with less exaggerated sweetness. Unlike other sodas I didn’t seem to burp as frequently and I wasn’t as gassy due to the high fructose that’s in other brands. My favorite flavor would be the lime as it was so smooth and impressively the best lime drink I’ve ever had!


12 thoughts on “Jarritos Soda: Review

  1. I always walked past Jarritos soda when I was at the store.. and this last week I bought a few after reading this and I was impressed!!


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