Grow-Up! booster seat by Mutsy! It’s perfect! (Review)

Mutsy has been designing strollers and eye catching seating options with a modern design and a constant commitment to safety and functionality since 1935. Each stroller and seating product has been designed to grow with your child while accommodating the most diverse lifestyles. Mutsy products can be enjoyed at home with a range of sitting products or one of the on the go strollers. Take a look at Mutsy’s stroller collections, their Rider and 4 Rider Light Strollers, Transporter and Easyrider strollers.

Aiden and I had the opportunity to review and test out the Grow-Up! booster seat by Mutsy! His old highchair took up a lot of space in my kitchen and it was an eyesore. The Grow-Up! booster seat by Mutsy practically took up a tiny portion of the chair and it was easily hidden from view. I used it during Thanksgiving as we went to a few dinners and it was easily transportable and an ease to clean. This chair weights 3.74 pounds and its 15.6 x 12.4 x 11.4. This is currently available in 6 trendy color combinations: apple, aqua, blueberry, mandarin, nut and raspberry. I highly recommend this product and the company.

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8 thoughts on “Grow-Up! booster seat by Mutsy! It’s perfect! (Review)

  1. This looks like a comfy seat for a little tot. I love the color options and they have cute strollers as well from the looks of the site!


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