Meesh & Mia Reviw: Collegiate Apparel

Meesh & Mia offers women’s collegiate apparel that’s new and fresh. Their unique designs suit every woman and her desires to celebrate her school with loyalty. Meesh & Mia was recently on the Today Show which featured their Faux Wrap Top. For the review Meesh & Mia offered to send the asymmetric zip front jacket in black to me. Of course, being from Iowa and loving the Iowa Hawkeyes I choose my local team. The University of Iowa Asymmetric Zip Front Jacket is available for purchase in black and in grey. It’s offered in sizes small through x-large and it fits true to size. This jacket is soft and warm and it does not weigh you down. The only downside I found was in the collar. I had a hard time keeping the collar adjusted to show the little Hawkeye symbol. Personally, I love this company and I find it to be very unique. I’ve walked downtown Iowa City on multiple occasions and I’ve never ran into anyone with a jacket as cute as this.


5 thoughts on “Meesh & Mia Reviw: Collegiate Apparel

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