Bento Boxes: Review! has a variety of awesome and Eco-friendly lunchboxes. I had the opportunity to test out of the Bento Box Set with Carrying Case 2.0 by Laptop Lunch which retails for $43.95. This particular Bento Box comes in two patterns (flower & aliens).
I work from home and on occasion I do go into the office. But when I do go into the office  I can see myself taking this with me. It’s definitely functional and reusable. I love the single use containers and the fact that I’m not adding more waste to our landfills. With an insulated carrying case and five microwave safe containers you will have more than enough space to have a hearty and satisfying lunch. You will not find a trace of phosphates, bis-phenol A (BPA), or lead from this company. And the products proudly made in the USA!
I love the intense colors and the cute spoon and fork which are included. This case has about two inches of spare room which should be more than enough space for an ice pack or a small drink. This can be carried by hand or worn over the shoulder as a strap is included. 


6 thoughts on “Bento Boxes: Review!

  1. I'll have to look into this. Great gift for my neice! I love the black/pink version. I might get one for myself *lol*


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