Do steroids make you STERILE?

Being single I run into many different guys and of course they all have a handful of unique facts to inform me of. I was talking to a guy and he swore up and down that ‘steroids make men sterile’. So, of course I researched online and found:

Do steroids make you sterile?

Posted on 21st Jan 2012 @ 7:52 PM

Do steroids make you sterile?

    Side effects of steroids have been under discussion since years. Now this discussion has taken a new turn and most of the users are concerned about its relationship with sterility. Nobody is sure about the reality that whether steroids make you sterile is a fact or it is just a myth. No doubt, steroids effect hormone level in males as well as in females and become a cause of reduction in testicles. Lower sperm count is also because of the usage of steroids. Even then, doctors think that only steroids cannot be the cause of infertility among men; there are many other factors that contribute in this whole scenario.
Recent studies show that all sexually and reproductively based findings indicate that the users of steroids face many family problems including emotional mood swings, depression and aggression. All such problems may have an indirect relation with infertility (as they are not directly associated with sterility). Infertility among steroid users is increasing day by day and doctors seem to gather at the point that it is due to excessive use of drugs.
Steve Payne is a consultant urologist in Manchester Royal Infirmary; he says in one of his interviews that many medically fit men come to the hospital and undergo a blood test, when they are told that there is absence of sperm in the sample, they hardly believe it. When they are pointed out that it may be due to the usage of steroids, they become suspicious. According to Steve Payne, there is no doubt that steroids make you sterile.
One of the senior lecturers in Sheffield University, Dr. Allan Pacey once warned his students that anabolic steroids are the cause of infertility among men. He was almost sure that steroids make you sterile and the regular use of anabolic steroids can lead to complete stoppage of sperm production.
Almost 1 – 3 million Americans have been affected by anabolic steroids so far. No doubt, the fault is theirs but society has its own role in converting the uses of these drugs into misuses. They are responsible for their loss but here the question is not who is responsible; rather the question is how to correct the whole situation. So far as the infertility among men using steroids is concerned, it can be treated if diagnosed at proper time. What about the rest of the side effects those are very common in bodybuilders and athletes?
It is very important that reproductive effects of steroids should be discussed with the patients and tell them that how both LH and FSH decrease motility, sperm count and cause abnormality in morphology and testicular atrophy. The best thing about these effects on reproduction system is this that they are reversible. Once stop taking steroids, you will have improved blood test reports. The sperm growth will increase by the passage of time and the reproduction system will start working in its normal way. Only prolonged usage of steroids make you sterile for good and have permanent effects. There are many people who experienced this reverse of effect with discontinuation of the drugs and they return to their normal spermatogenesis process within six months of discontinuation of steroids.
So guys , don’t forget to add some HCG Pregnyl to your steroid cycle and keep your eggs healthy. 😉



6 thoughts on “Do steroids make you STERILE?

  1. i used steroids for 1 month and then i tested my semen and i had zero sperms so i stopped using steroids and the doctor gave me some medicines and after one month i tested my semen again and i had half million sperms for every 1 ml so would my sperms go back to their natural levels? and can i get back to steroids? and how much do you mean by prolonged usage of steroids?


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