Break a leg? Luichinny review!

Can you say shoe addiction or fetish? I love heels the higher the better. With my 5 foot 3 frame I can use a little extra ‘sex appeal’ in my strut.  Can’t we all? Not only do my legs look incredibly longer I feel they look firmer when slip on a sultry pair of heels.

A close friend of mine had a few modeling jobs lately where she’s had the opportunity to work with Luichiny.  She absolutely adores the brand and had to tell me all about them. Luichiny offers a wide variety of flats, boots and heels in many fun /wild colors and heights. I had the opportunity to review the gorgeous Luichiny Eye Doll Fuchsia Super Platform Heels. And upon opening the box I fell in love instantly.

The heel height on this particular pair is near 5.5 inches which makes this a rather tall pair of heels. Typically, after a few minutes in heels my feet ache. This wasn’t the case with this brand. The shoe itself was rather sturdy and the sole had the right amount of cushion. I wish I were a millionaire I’d invest so much money into this company and own every style and color possible. Until then, I can dream.

Visit demand shoes to purchase a sexy pair of Luichiny flats, heels or boots!

**From our heart to your soul!**


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