Nutrisystem: Week 29! Only four weeks left on this adventure.

With only four weeks left on my Nutrisystem adventure I’m starting to panic. I’m sure I’ll be prepared and strong enough to handle this challenge of losing and maintaining weight on my own. However, there will always be those test and those days that throw ya a curve ball. With this being said I’ve lost ten plus pounds and over ten inches on Nutrisystem. I’m almost positive the inches and pounds wouldn’t have came off without this fabulous program.

I’ve always considered myself a ‘sparkly yo-yo’ and see my dieting as this. I tend to lose a bunch of weight and get stuck at a plateau and eventually gain it back. Thank GOD, since starting this program I have never sky-rocketing back to where I was. Yes, I’ve had days where I’ve gone up a few pounds and days where I’ve gown down a few. Yet, I’ve never gained a noticeable amount since beginning my weekly weigh in weight Nutirystem. With only four weeks left I really hope I can dig back down into the 140’s. And I’d like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for cheering me one and having faith in me.
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© Everything Changes I received a free product to help facilitate this review. The opinions expressed in this review are mine and unbiased. For more information please see my disclosure policy located in the PR section of this site.


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