deBebians fine jewelry giveaway: Aquamarine Eternity Band 1.00 cttw.

Regular price: $1,370.00
Sale: $685.00

Style # AQER-100
An eternity band made using aquamarines is a faithful token of re commitment and deep friendship. Dreamy and associated with an amicable air, these stones are said to arouse and enhance the love uniting a couple. Relationships are unquestionably trying, but with aquamarines as your ally you will be endowed with the courage, hope, and trust essential to get through any problems with ease. 1.00 cttw of these stones are set into your choice of 14kt gold, 18kt gold, or platinum leading them to be a personalized assertion of the awareness both of you have of what is necessary to ensure your love will continue to work.

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38 thoughts on “deBebians fine jewelry giveaway: Aquamarine Eternity Band 1.00 cttw.

  1. We met online. He was in Colorado; I was in Texas. After talking for a while, he flew to Texas to meet in person…we both just knew. We have been married for 7 years 🙂
    bethelderton59 at gmail dot com


  2. My husband proposed when we were out on drive. We had know each other only 4 months and were not dating exclusively. When I told my parents I was engaged they thought it was to another guy I was dating. I must have made the right choice, we have been married 31 years.


  3. he propose out of blue by asking when we were in our second apt together. He felt it was time for us too take the next step. We hope too get married this year . We just got a new townhouse we bought. Thanks


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