Tarte Asian Yogurt: Culture you can taste.

From one family to families nationwide! Tarte Asian Yogurt is an all-natural French-Vietnamese style yogurt developed by two brothers who gained inspiration from their mom’s homemade Asian yogurt recipe, which they began eating when they were just four and five years old.  In 2010, Winston and Henry started crafting small batches out of their home kitchen and the product is now sold in over 700 stores nationwide – including Whole Foods and Costco!

With a mildly sweet tangy flavor and light creamy texture, Tarte is a refreshing alternative to both Greek and Traditional style yogurts!  Tate is sure to appeal to everyone, from the pickiest of children to the most health conscious food shoppers.

Tarte Asian Yogurt boasts:

  • 2x the protein of traditional American yogurts
  • 2x the calcium of Greek Yogurt
  • 50% less sugar compared to leading Traditional yogurt
  • 25% less sugar compared to flavored Greek yogurt
  • 0 fat
  • Only 110 calories
  • Over 1 billion probiotics per cup
  • All 5 essential electrolytes

Tarté Asian Yogurt flavors include:

  • The Original
  • Strawberry & Guanabana
  • Acai & Blueberry  
  • Mango & Coconut
  • Green Tea & Honey

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