Gift Dad Great Skin this Father’s Day with Favorite Men’s Products from Control Corrective Skincare Systems®

Pamper Pop with Professional Post-Shave Skin Soothers and More
IRVINE, CA (April 30, 2015) – This Father’s Day, when choosing a gift to celebrate the favorite man in your life, think beyond neckties, power tools and golf clubs and give him the gift of great skin with clinical-based skincare products from Control Corrective Skincare Systems.
            Even the most macho pop suffers from at least one of the skincare issues most commonly experienced by men – whether it’s ingrown hairs, sensitivity or redness after shaving, or blackheads and whiteheads related to sports, work or simple congestion. 
            Skincare expert and Control Corrective Founder and President Ellen Clark weighs in on the best Father’s Day skincare gifts for men that will appeal to his simple, fuss-free lifestyle:
If Dad’s current cleansing regimen still centers around a bar of Dial, it’s time for a skincare intervention, says Clark. Not only does bar soap strip skin of essential natural oils, it also has a higher pH than products specially formulated for the face, which will further increase dehydration. Swap it for Control’s Gentle Facial Wash (MSRP: $28), an aloe-based foaming gel cleanser for all skin types that removes impurities while maintaining hydration, and follow with Balancing Tonic (MSRP: $28), which helps banish any additional surface debris while restoring balance to overly dry or oily skin. 
According to a recent consumer poll conducted by the American Academy of Dermatology, 78 percent of men who shave have experienced irritation. Even more, foaming agents found in shaving cream can seriously deplete moisture. Clark suggests softening and soothing sensitive, inflamed skin post-shave with Control Calming Balm (MSRP: $36), a hydrocortisone and Shea butter blend that restores skin’s balance and hydration. For added pampering, he can apply the Sensitive Skin Enzyme Mask (MSRP: $49) several times per week to increase moisture retention, dissolve dead skin buildup and give oft-shaved skin instant relief from inflammation.
Although they spend more time damaging their skin through outdoor activities and hazardous work conditions, men are much less likely to wear sunscreen than women. According to a recent Academy of Dermatology consumer poll, only 5 percent of men use sunscreen on a daily basis! Clark advises wearing sunscreen daily and reapplying often. Since men commonly suffer from oily skin that can appear greasy, a great sun protection pick for him is Control’s Oil-Free Sunscreen SPF 30 (MSRP: $33), a non-greasy broad spectrum formula made with micro-fine zinc and other skin defenders.
            For a complete recommended men’s skincare regimen from Control Corrective, click here

Control Corrective Skincare Systems puts the power of beautiful skin into your hands. A clinical-based skincare brand since 1997, Control Corrective Skincare Systems offers comprehensive, collection-based skincare for both the professional seeking to offer superior professional solutions or the consumer looking for a user-friendly home care regimen. Available at finer salons and spas nationwide, the line offers a full range of skin care products that utilize the highest quality ingredients along with natural extracts, vitamins and essential oils. 


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