Renuzit® Pearl Scents®

The Renuzit® brand provided me with a sample of Renuzit® Pearl Scents in exchange for a product review. However, I must mention all opinions expressed here are my own.

It’s not secret that I have a couple pets and at times it’s noticeable and can be a little embarrassing and hard to over up the scent from the cat and dog. As I love entertaining I always have to be on guard and ready to cover up smells at the drop of a dime. Renuzit® Pearl Scents air freshener  works super fast and comes in a great selection of scents such as: Sparking Rain, Fresh Lavender, Eucalyptus, Seductive Pineapple,, Blue Sky Breeze and Chamomile and Jasmine.

Renuzit® Pear Scents not only blends in with practically an decor it smells amazing and the scent last for a very long time. The colors are fun and can coordinate with any home decor. They also smell so good and the smell lingers throughout the entire room. Don’t worry it’s not overpowering or irritating. I personally love everything about Pear Scents!

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