Showaflops: I hate touching concrete with wet feet!

In this world their are two things that creep me out and give me the skeevies. And those are chalk and wet feet. I’ve had a fear of chalk since kindergarten and a fear of wet feet in public places since god knows how long. I try to avoid or quickly maneuver in and out of public showers, changing rooms in bathhouses or pool locker rooms as this sensation can set me  off the deep end. Maybe, it’s all psychological and a way of getting over this but until that day I’ll rely on Showaflops.


Showaflops were designed by a mother after visiting her daughters dorm as she recoiled in horror from the numerous hairballs, dirt and mold that covered the floor. These flip flops are unique and protect your feet and are perfect for public showers, gyms, steam rooms, dorms, camps, pools, lockers rooms.. or anywhere that germs lurk. They are so comfortable you will want to wear them everywhere! With a unique drainage design the slip resistant soles  are perfect and safe for adults and children.

Last month, our family went on a vacation to a water park and I chose to wear my average everyday flip flops. Let me tell you that was a huge mistake. I walked down the stairs after my son and I completely lost traction. I fell and hit my elbow, bruised my heel and felt rather embarrassed. When I received the Showaflops I was skeptical but had to try them.  Let me tell you, I’ll never second guess these and this will be my first and only choice.


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