6 Signs It’s Time To Visit a Dentist Montreal

Learn about six signs that it’s time to visit a dentist Montreal to keep up with your good oral health.

An interesting article by Reader’s Digest points out that one in ten people miss their dentist appointments in North America each year. That’s a whopping ten percent who are overlooking the critical importance of their oral health care regiment. In reality, a good majority of people are generally cognizant of the importance of visiting a dentist in Montreal on a regular basis. If you’ve been procrastinating, the following six reasons should help motivate you to book an appointment and get into that dental chair for your biannual checkup.

You Can’t Recall Your Last Visit Date

If you are unable to recall when the last time was where you visited your dentist in Montreal, it’s time to pick up the phone and make the call. The key reason is because smaller issues like soft spots on your enamel can quickly escalate to much costlier dental procedures like deep cavities or crown placement, which can be painful and expensive procedures later on, but affordable and manageable when caught in the interim.

Your Teeth Are Sensitive To Cold/Hot

Sensitivity to cold and hot may not mean that your teeth are going bad. But as a prominent dentist in Montreal points out, it could mean a number of things are going on that warrant a trip to see your tooth doctor.

  • Could mean that you have receding gums.
  • Might be a sign of trauma to the nerves.
  • May be result of deteriorating or cracked enamel.

Your Gums Bleed When Flossing

When gums bleed from flossing, it’s usually a sign of a gum disease called gingivitis. According to the Mayo Clinic, over 3 million new cases are diagnosed in the U.S. each year. In fact, it’s the number one cause of tooth loss worldwide. But the good news is that when caught early enough it’s highly treatable and even reversible.

Your Teeth Feel Jagged

Jagged teeth can be a sign of erosion. It’s not uncommon to scrape teeth against food or hard objects like ice, causing the enamel to become jagged. Thankfully, a dentist in Montreal can easily smooth out this jaggedness for a more even smile and a sounder bite.

You Feel Loose Crowns/Fillings

If may be tough to tell whether or not your enamel or fillings are coming loose. The surest signs include:

  • Jagged corners or edges around fillings or crowns.
  • Vacant areas where the crowns meet the teeth.
  • Holes in teeth from where fillings fell out.

Fillings can be easily repaired by your dentist. A crown may need to be simply adjusted, glued back on or replaced (in extreme instances). Don’t overlook this, as the dentin inside of your teeth can be exposed, which is highly susceptible to erosion and bacterial attack.

Your Teeth Appear Yellowish And Dirty

Yucky yellow and dirty teeth are nobody’s friend. Most people assess you from the top to the bottom, and teeth are one of the most commonly noted aspects of the t-zone (your face). A quick visit to your dental care provider can remedy this with a cleaning that zaps plaque and tartar and revives the oomph in your smile.

Dental care affects your entire body. Make sure that you are not overlooking this critical element of your well-being. And don’t forget one last parting word of advice: only floss the teeth that you want to keep!


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