Tinké By Zensorium (Monitor your health & Wellness) for IOS and Android!

The Zensorium Tinké is a revolutionary device which is designed to change the face of mobile fitness and wellness. Tinké is an optical sensory device for Android and Apple smartphones which monitors your fitness and wellness with the touch of a finger. Tinké measures heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen levels as well as heart rate variability. The advanced signal processing technologies transforms detected signals into quantitative data.

Measurement – HEART RATE
Heart rate refers to the number of heart beats per minute and is normally expressed in beats per minute (BPM). An average adult’s heart rate is usually between 60 BPM to 80 BPM. Resting heart rate is defined as the heart rate taken when you are first awake or when sitting quietly. Monitoring your resting heart rate daily is an important indicator of your fitness.

Ever found yourself feeling short of breath? Well, your respiratory rate may change due to conditions such as when we’re angry or sad. An important indicator of fitness is respiratory rate taken when a person is resting and at minimum stress. When a person is in the above condition, a respiratory range of 10-20 breaths per minute is considered normal.

A blood oxygen level of above 95% is essential for optimum performance in your daily activities. Fitter people have higher blood oxygen saturation levels. Tinké lets you measure the amount of oxygen carried by the red blood cells in your blood, at any given time.

Unlike a clock, our heart does not beat at a constant rate. The changes in the rate at which your heart beats at is known as Heart Rate Variability (HRV). Your HRV changes throughout the day, depending on the activities you carry out, your mood, and various other factors.

In Tinké, HRV is used as a measure of how well our body can adapt to these changes by analyzing your heart rate and breathing patterns. The better your body is able to adapt to these changes, the higher is the measure of your HRV. Simply said, HRV is used as a basis to monitor your level of relaxation.

During anxiety, our heart rate rises, muscles tense, we perspire more, and our breathing becomes more rapid and shallow. Your measurement of HRV is thus lower. In contrast, if you are relaxed, your measure of HRV will consequently be higher.

Your fitness level is calculated on the Tinké as the Vita Index. Tinké measures your heart rate, respiratory rate and blood oxygen saturation within 30 seconds and compiles the information into their Vita Index fitness score.

Your wellness level is calculated on the Tinké as the Zen Index. Tinké measures your heart rate variability while you relax yourself with the provided breathing exercise for 60 seconds. This information is then processed into the Zen Index score which indicates your level of relaxation.
With your Tinké account, all measurements taken will be saved and trended into a graph. Choose to trend both Zen and Vita Indexes, or even narrow down to individual parameters such as heart rate, respiratory rate and blood oxygen levels. You can now monitor the progress of your fitness and wellness over a period of weeks, months and even years.

There are also achievements and Tinke social network. You can earn points and badges each time you conduct a measurement and be rewarded for performing consistent measurements. You can also post your results onto Facebook and share your results with friends, and encourage one another on your progress.

Although Tinké is not a medical device, its accuracy ranges for the 3 parameters are:

  • Heart Rate: +/- 2 beats per minute
  • Respiratory Rate: +/- 2 breaths per minute
  • Blood Oxygen Saturation: +/- 3%

The downfall with Tinké?

If you are like myself and prefer to protect your phone with a case you will find the Tinké system can be a little tedious as you may not be able to simply plug it into the port. However, most cases are fairly simple to remove and once removed the systems ready to use! 

© Everything Changes http://www.mistymorgan.net I received a free product to help facilitate this review. The opinions expressed in this review are mine and unbiased. For more information please see my disclosure policy located in the PR section of this site.


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