Catamaran Funcat Puerto Rico: Sail, snorkel & party day tour. #travelblogger #review @FuncatPR

For years, I’ve dreamed of sailing the ocean. And finally, I can say I’ve had the opportunity to experience this thanks to FUN CAT Sailing Snorkeling Tours of Puerto Rico. The FUN CAT is a 51 foot long boat that can seat 61 passengers. However, they never take more than 49 on-board. Making the FUN CAT the roomiest, most comfortable catamaran in the Puerto Rican Fleet. This boat is family friendly and parents are expected to be vigilant.

For only $89.00 when booked online or $119.00 with shuttle service from your hotel to the marina. Guest can sail and snorkel at the Spanish Virgin Islands without a passport needed.
This trip includes a picnic lunch and refreshments as well as a FREE Rum Party for all you Caribbean Pirates during the last hour of the trip. The FUN CAT anchors over the best reefs and offers guest the opportunity to swim through the underwater caves.

Capt. Jimbo definitely loves his job and not only does he sail the boat he gets in the water and at times finds some pretty cool sea creatures to pass around and take photographs with. Being a sushi lover I’ve never tasted Sea urchin. Let alone, felt it. Capt. Jimbo grabbed a few from the coral reef and brought them on board for us to touch and taste. This spiny, hard-shelled animal stole the attention of the passengers. Many photos were taken and a few dared to try it!

Having Snuba dived earlier in the trip I finally had the chance to Scuba with the crew of FUN CAT. We were given an hour to go out and explore the reefs and some of us came back with some great finds. Personally, we loved watching the colorful fish and the stingray slide across the ocean floor.

On the way back, it seemed no-one wanted to get off the FUN CAT. Capt. Scott provided us with a few instruments as well as the Pirate Rum Punch. I would definitely do this again in a heartbeat!
When booking online I would advise booking one of the first few days of your trip in case of bad weather conditions. And always remember to wear sunblock. The rays are definitely stronger in the Caribbean than back home.

© Everything Changes I received a free product to help facilitate this review. The opinions expressed in this review are mine and unbiased. For more information please see my disclosure policy located in the PR section of this site.


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