Gift Guide for Guys? #HOLIDAY2016

Guys, Men, Dads, Brother, Boyfriends ….they can be hard to shop for during the holidays or for any special occasion. That is why we have selected some GREAT gifts for any man in your life.  Whether he is a beer lover, home chef, gadget lover or a fashion forward man these products are sure to please. 

Schulz and Malley offers 100% manmade products that men use and appreciate every day. Superior options that don’t short change men in their daily routines. With The Regiment, the Cleansing Face Wash, Pre-Shave Oil, Brushless Shave Cream, and After Shave Balm become the perfect quartet. MSRP $59 and available on

soireehome’s Dimple is the first self-chilling glassware available in pints and wine glasses.  Keeps your beverage cool to the last drop and will not dilute your drink.  Dishwasher safe, just freeze and insert!  MSRP $49.99 for set of 2.
Limelens lenses capture intricate detail that a smartphone camera could not achieve on its own. Lenses boast incredible framing capabilities, removing the limitations of the smartphone camera to produce stunning photographs with a greater choice of photo angles, framing and composition. The Limelens introductory set includes, The Thinker (a dual macro/wide lens), The Captain (a 190 degree fisheye lens), and the Limeclip attachment that fits over 40 devices including leading smartphones and tablet brands. MSRP $49

The Better Bungee™ products are made to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions, are resistant to oil, diesel fuel, salt water and most household chemicals.  Made in the USA of a new high tech material; that will not crack, break or become brittle and is virtually weightless, allowing The Better Bungee to safely stretch twice its original length but still retain its stretch.  Available on, Imperial Supply and The variety of straps, cords, ropes, lengths, colors and accessories make this product one of a kind. MSRP $5 and up.

The AnySharp Pro turns a dull knife, even one with a serrated edge, into a razor-sharp cutting instrument in mere seconds with just a few light strokes. And now the world’s top-rated knife sharpener, along with space-saving functionality, is available in a spectrum of playful colors to add some pop to the kitchen. With a PowerGrip suction cup base, the AnySharp knife sharpener can be securely attached to a smooth surface or worktop, no tools required. MSRP $19.99
AnySharp Scissors Not your ordinary kitchen shear!  AnySharp Scissors are ambidextrous with professional grade hardened steel blades.  Why keep five different tools in the kitchen drawer when there is one that can do it all!  These scissors do it all making them great for the DIYer, home chef, crafter or man on the gift list.  MSRP $25


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