Keeping Members Safe After the Holidays: The Perfect Gift For Grandma. @Ooma #HolidayGiftGuide2016

During the winter holidays, emergency services see an increase in 911 calls, which sometimes lead to our loved ones being taken to the hospital. It’s important to know when a family member has called 911—and the only way for that to happen is if their home phone service provider notifies you.
Ooma []—a leading Internet home phone provider—is equipped with reliable E911 features that notify family members via text message when a loved one has called for help. 
Here are some quick facts about Ooma—the device that helps you stay connected with the people you love:
  • Connects with third party devices to notify you when sensors detect smoke or a carbon monoxide leak 
  • Sends real-time alerts to family members when a loved one has called 911
  • Offers multiple ways to block unwanted callers and manage blocked and unblocked calls
  • Integrates with Nest, Amazon Echo, LIFX, and other products to make your home safer and more convenient 
  • Pays for itself in three months and costs less on a monthly basis than a Netflix subscription

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