Shark® Rocket Complete with DuoClean™ Technology Review. @SharkClean

The Shark® Rocket® Complete with DuoClean™ Technology is versatile and the suction is powerful. DuoClean is the real clean. It works on carpets as well as hardwood floors. It’s amazing to see what it picks up being so lightweight. Over the past two years I have worked with Shark® and I have had nothing but positive feedback on their products. I’m in awe each time I am offered the opportunity to try out a new product.

     Shark® Rocket Complete with DuoClean™ Technology 

o    Shark’s most technologically advanced ultra-light upright, provides remarkable floor to ceiling cleaning and obliterates embedded dirt and stuck-on dust, while providing improved flexibility.
o    With Triple Particle Cleaning designed for an incredible clean, the new dual brushroll system automatically transitions from floors to carpets.
o    With two brush rolls working together, the Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean Technology picks up large particles, small particles, and stuck-on particles — on all types of floors and carpets.

Having five kids in the house seems like a tasks at times. And for someone to admit to being excited about a vacuum that may seem crazy. The Rocket Complete HV382 is the latest vacuum from Shark. This company has been around for over a hundred years and there’s a reason for that. The quality of the products and the people behind them!

Here are a few reasons to love the Shark® new DuoClean Vacuum:

  1. It’s super simple to assemble.
  2. It transitions from hardwood floors to carpets automatically.
  3. It has reach. With a 30 foot power cord you can move from room to room. 
  4. It’s so quiet.  

If you are in the market for an upright vacuum that you’ll have for several years, this may be it. Shark®offers a five year warranty on this particular product. The Shark® Rocket® Complete with DuoClean Technology can be purchased here:

 © Everything Changes I received a free product to help facilitate this review. The opinions expressed in this review are mine and unbiased. For more information please see my disclosure policy located in the PR section of this site.


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