ScentSationals Wickless Wax Warmers provides the perfect ambiance in any room. @Scent_Sationals


ScentSationals wickless wax warmers combine the perfect light, fragrance and artistic design to create a personalized ambiance in any room without a flame.

Being a mom, one of my fears is leaving a candle lit and having a kid knock it over. Our home was purchased in 2008, and the homeowners beforehand survived a house fire. We were able to view photos and hear the stories. I can only imagine how horrific that could be and wish to never go through the unimaginable.

ScentSationals take the fear out of keeping a home lit and smelling great by providing wickless wax warmers that use a 25-Watt Light bulb as a heat source that melts the wax cubes.  The warmer-wax combination creates a relaxing, decorative atmosphere while also filling your office or home with a pleasant aroma. Compared to other wax melts on the market I found Scentsationals does not require as much of the product to be used. I simply broke off one block and it made my entire downstairs smell wonderful! This itself could save a few dollars for those that pinch pennies…


If you are looking for a safe and easy way to create a relaxing, decorative atmosphere while filling your home with a wonderful aroma, then look no further than ScentSationals!

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The wax warmers and wax cubers are available in Walmart stores and


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