Tantrum Takedown: ‘Disconnected Kids’ Book

We’ve all been there (or been that parent) with the kid melting down in public. If these outbursts happen on a regular basis, what can a parent do? How do the 43% of parents with a child with some kind of difficulty cope?

I am that parent, the mom with the son who has ADHD and ODD. The mom who loves her son like no other. Yet, gets super frustrated with the behaviors. The mom who attends counseling and therapy once a week.  The mom who gets emails and phone calls on the good and bad days. The mom who wishes her kid didn’t have to live life like this. At the end of the day, I love my son and I will do anything to make his life better. ❤


Brain Balance Achievement Centers [https://www.brainbalancecenters.com/] use an holistic, non-medical, drug-free approach to help children with behavioral, social, or learning difficulties. Since 2006, their program has helped thousands of children get back on track with straightforward tips like the following:

Get your child moving. Active physical motion can help children read with better comprehension and retain more information. Take your child on an outdoor gallery walk, or take the fun indoors to an exploration-style, hands-on museum.

>> Come up with a daily schedule with your child. Routines keep children grounded—and they are especially necessary during breaks. Let your child have input into their schedule—it will give them agency and make them feel empowered.

>> Spend time in the kitchen together. Let your child do simple activities like measuring ingredients, dividing up portions, and reading recipes. This reinforces their reading and math skills without making them feel intimidated.

>> Have your child start journaling their thoughts and feelings. This is a fun way to boost their writing skills and show them that writing can be a meaningful outlet. And, of course, it will show in their school assignments.

>> Let your child get his or her hands dirty. Stimulate your child’s tactile and visual senses by letting them play with toys like sidewalk chalk and finger paints. These activities are sensory and help your child develop fine motor skills.

Brain Balance is ideal for kids diagnosed with the following:

* Brain Balance does not diagnose medical conditions. Brain Balance is a non-medical, drug-free program for kids who struggle.

The Program addresses the following, for all children:

  • Academic Issues
  • Social Issues
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Sensory Integration
  • Lack of Focus
  • Trouble Making Friends
  • Family/Social Relationships
  • Tantrums/Emotional Outbursts/Sensory Meltdowns


Go ahead and take a Brain Balance’s on-line assessment for free: https://www.brainbalancecenters.com/our-program/childs-personalized-plan/online-assessment/


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