The remains of 27 wards found in storage facility in Henderson, NV

Victims and their family members and local advocates,


My anger continues to grow with the ineptitude and lack of intentionally by Nevada’s elected and judicial leadership.  Fox 5 reporting on last night’s news of storage locker salvager Billy Smith finding the remains of 27 of April Parks wards in a storage facility in Henderson, NV is just another example.


I spoke with AG investigator Jaclyn O’Malley’s supervisor, Tony Kotlarz (now retired) in October 2015 just a month after AG and Metro investigators raided Parks offices.  He assured me they had cracked the case and no longer wanted or needed my help.  “We have this fully under control…go back to whatever it is that you do” was his quote.  He never spoke to me again.  18 months later, on March 8, 2017, Parks’ indictment came down.  In 18 months of having the investigation “fully under control” investigators never found a receipt for this storage unit or fielded a complaint from a family looking for remains of a dead relative?


Parks fully damaged her victims estates and their lives.  My analysis shows she, and her attorneys, acquired over $20 million in estate assets that Norheim never held her accountable for and the criminal court prosecution refused to recognize.  Judge Charles Hoskin and Commissioner Jon Norheim denied EVERY COMPLAINT OR OBJECTION filed by families against Parks in the 13 years that Norheim sponsored Parks, Jared Shafer, and Denise Comastro’s actions.  The Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline continues to defend the one way bias of Hoskin and Norheim; legitimate family members were always bad and certain attorneys and guardians claims were always legitimized regardless of the evidence.  Human trafficking under the color of law is still human trafficking.  These people were trafficked for their estates and Jon Norheim was steadfastly committed to letting it happen for 15 years.


The $500K Parks is charged with stealing from 130 victims was only a small portion of her damages and theft.  The case I reported to the AG’s office in Carson City on March 11, 2015 is far from being cracked.  Exploitation through Nevada’s Family Courts statewide is back on the rise.


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