Savings: Dryel is a fraction of the cost of dry cleaners


Dryel Starter Kit (left) and Refill (right). The former includes a reuseable fabric protection bag, 3 FL OZ booster spray, and 4 ultra cleaning clothes for at-home dry cleaning in your own dryer. It is good for 4 loads with up to 5 pieces. The refill box includes a booster spray and 8 ultra cleaning clothes, i.e. enough for 8 loads.

One thing I have realized in 2017 is dry cleaning is not cheap and I should probably invest in a better way to protect my clothing. I’m the girl who can rock sweat pants and also look super adorable in a chiffon dress. And as every woman knows it’s really hard to launder dresses let alone chiffon dresses.

I  was introduced to Dryel over the last year and built a very strong relationship with this brand. It is a brand I can rely on and trust. My seven year old son can never keep clean and I do my best to keep his sticky little finger far away from what I am wearing. I’ve had so many kid related stains and let me tell you I’m super grateful to be able to wear these clothes and not throw them in the trash. Dryel, is a lifesaver and saves money while treating our favorite clothes.

This at home dry cleaning method by Dryel saves money when compared to taking garments into the local dry cleaner. It also saves time and wear and tear on your vehicle.

At home dry cleaning can also save money by protecting your favorite clothes from:

  • fading in the wash,
  • being dyed by bleeding fabrics,
  • but also from being torn when spinning, which obviously had been the fate of my favorite summer pants. 😦

Do you dry clean your delicate or favorite items? Do you dry-clean at home or do you bring your clothes to the dry cleaner? Have you already tried at-home dry cleaning with Dryel? If not, here is an infograph on at-home dry cleaning.

P.S. You can buy the Dryel at-home dry cleaning starter kid, Dryel at-home dry-cleaning refills, and the Dryel pen for dry-cleaning-on-the-go at most local grocery stores in the US and selected stores in Canada. see the Dryel official webpage for retailers. You can also order the Dryel products online at HSN, Target and Amazon just to mention a few.

Since it’s getting chilly and Fall is upon us I’ll have to ‘retire’ my favorite summer dress until 2018. I’m super sad but super excited it has mad i through so many adventures and dinners with my little man. Thanks Dryel!


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