Winc: Delivering wine straight to your door. Save $22.00 today! @USFG


Being 30 something, has really opened my eyes to what I drink. In college, it was beer. In my 20’s it was hard alcohol and nowadays it’s wine! I’m excited to introduce you to Winc. Shopping for wine has never been so easy! Winc is fairly simple to maneuver. First, you are asked to take a quick quiz. Based upon the quiz results Winc will provide you with a few wines that should suit your taste. Some are priced higher and some lower. The baseline price is $13.00 a bottle. You can remove or add bottles per your preference.


Winc understands your time is valuable and  ships super fast via FedEx. Just an FYI, you   will need to be present to sign for the products and Winc can only ship to adults over the age of 21. Currently, new Customers can save an additional $22.00. Your $22 discount will be applied at checkout. Simply, click here!

Winc does not ship to these states: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Rhode Island and Utah.


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