Kids Armour™ to Protect Children From Harmful Radiation Emitted Through Electronic Devices

To celebrate launch, Kids Armour is giving away 
FREE microchip to expectant and new mothers 



February 28, 2018 (Grand Rapids, Mich.) – As the California Department of Public Health releases guidelines outlining ways to protect oneself from the harmful effects of cell phone radiation, Michigan-based Redstone Commercial Investments announces the launch of Kids Armour™, a clinically-proven product that aims to protect children, expecting mothers, and users of all ages against harmful radiation from electronic devices. 


The easy-to-apply stick-on microchip sticks to all electronic devices including cell phones, laptops, tablets, routers, and baby monitors, and effectively protects the body against electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation being emitted from all WiFi-syncing electronic devices. 


“Medical professionals worldwide are linking long-term exposure to WiFi radiation with chronic health issues, includingbrain cancer, lack of attention in school, behavior problems, infertility and more,” says Ross Pope, CEO of Kids Armour.“As a parent and soon-to-be grandparent, my concern for younger generations inspired me to create Kids Armour as a way for parents and adults to protect themselves and loved ones from the dangerous impact electronic devices will have on their growth, development, and overall well-being.”


Powered by CeL-Factor™ technology, Kids Armour underwent a randomized, double-blind, placebo-based test at the Jasper Clinic of Kalamazoo, Mich., now a part of MPI Research. Kids Armour works to prevent the blood from going into an unhealthy state of stress, while also reducing tissue temperatures during EMF radiation exposure. 



“Children are at a greater risk for EMF radiation because of their accelerated metabolism,” said Dr. Robert L. Kane, DC, DABCT, and Board Certified Clinical Thermographer in Redwood, Cali. “Children grow quicker than adults so their body is operating at a faster rate, increasing the chances of a genetic mutation produced from an outside source. The claims that Kids Armour is making are pertinent and supportable by what we’re finding in research. Kids Armour is a great product, and I use it myself.” 


For a limited time, Kids Armour is offering a free stick-on microchip to new and expectant mothers, simply pay shipping. To claim your free stick-on microchip (a $19.95 value), visit:


The product does not interfere or reduce device function, and does not require batteries. 
For more information on Kids Armour’s technology, visit: To purchase Kids Armour products, visit:

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