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I absolutely love traveling with my son and we are currently planning our Florida Vacation for August 2018!

Carnival Cruises and Spring Break Family Travel


Oh my, Aiden and I just arrived home after a few days on board the Carnival Inspiration. This was our first cruise experience and it was all that we could imagine and much more. From the start of the trip to the end we were treated like VIP. The host, maids and servers greeted us by name and chit chatted like best friends. With plenty of activities for the young and the young at heart you can literally keep busy non-stop 24 hours a day.


While you could literally keep busy 24 hours a day. I would definitely recommend a little rest…


Our three day trip departed from Long Beach,CA  on March 10th. We enjoyed a day at sea as well as a day in Ensenada Mexico. Let me tell you, Mexico is a real eye opener for little kids. Mexico, has been in the news a few times as well as other countries. Fearful of a travel ban, I was a little hesitant of this destination. I shouldn’t have been. We were safe, and definitely came back in one piece.






The Carnival Inspiration is very similar to the Carnival Imagination. If you have to pick one over the other I would go with the less costly of the two. You will find fun on both ships. And the food and drinks are phenomenal. Did I mention, when you book a cruise the food is all inclusive minus a few specialty restaurants?  That is correct, you can chose from buffet or a casual/formal sit down style.  We literally ate like Kings and Queens. I was so fearful I would have gained a few lbs. However, I stepped on the scale and bam I was the same as I was prior to departing.


Cruises typically have a formal night or two depending on the length of the trip. Our trip lasted three days and on our second we were able to experience the pretty attire and fancy up-do’s of guest.

Sit down to a truly fantastical feast at the Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast with The Cat in the Hat and Friends for an additional $5.00 per a guest.


Aiden’s an avid golfer it’s a past time for his dad and himself. They can spend hours on the green. I bet you didn’t know the Carnival Inspiration has a nine hole course. That’s correct and the best part — it’s on top of the ship!

Carnival definitely impressed this mama bear and now has two life long sea-mates. Thank you for the memories made. We will be back — soon!


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