ICKY! Bathroom floor not the place to change a baby…the solution is here

Created by two moms of twins, Baby Change-N-Go is a portable changing table that creates a safe, clean and private space to change baby’s diaper. It can hold up to 40 pounds, but was tested for 10 times that weight. ​ Bathroom floors are full of germs, illegal drugs and hazardous objects–similar to what you can also find on a public changing station in a public restroom!
We’re guessing based on this story that’s gone viral by Chris Mau that every dad wants a place that’s not nasty and full of germs to change his baby.
Just in case you missed it, Chris and his family went out and their baby needed a diaper change — pronto.  The bathroom floor was NASTY and there was no changing station. What’s a dad to do?



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