Must-Have Products for a Happy Baby! @Tommeetippee

While parenting can be tough, award-winning baby brand, Tommee Tippee helps make it easier for parents and babies day-to-day. From mealtimes to bedtime, the brand’s unique products and designs help relieve feeding related challenges.


Tommee Tippee’s Advanced Anti-Colic Bottle features 3-piece technology, which draws air away and keeps milk from traveling up the tube. This unique design allows for 80% less gas and spit-up, while its built-in heat sensing straw ensures the milk is just the right temperature.



Our Trainer Straw Cups features a soft, spill-proof straw making sipping easier. The easy-grip handles are removable as baby’s drinking skills improve.



The Night Time Pacifier glows in the dark, ensuring easy nighttime searches for dropped pacifiers. It also includes a symmetrical orthodontic shape for improved balance and natural oral development.



With traditional shield style and symmetrical orthodontic shape, the Fun Style Pacifier comes in a wide range of bright and colorful designs.



Easy Scoop Feeding Bowls features a triangle base to making scooping food easier. These bowls are easily stackable for storage and are dishwasher, microwave, and sterilizer safe.



Tommee Tippee’s Section Plates make it easy to introduce babies to new foods, while keeping them separated.




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