Atem Car–the purifier to keep your family breathing safe and clean air


Recently, I was introduced to the Atem Car Air Purifier. The most advanced cabin air purifier on the market.  The Atem Car was recently launched and is designed to deliver purified air to families traveling in a passenger vehicle.


Families can be exposed to a toxic mix of air pollutants when riding in a car. In fact, research shows air the inside of a car can be up to 15 times more polluted than the air outside a vehicle.


In short, the IQAir Atem can’t clean rooms. However, it is powerful enough to purify the air in a standard four wheel vehicle. And is perfect for those with allergies and lung issues. This system cleans the air up to 20 times per an hour and absorbs odors and gases while changing the pollutants to an oxidized form. Which results in the air being free from odors, gases and chemicals while being houses in a sleek housing unit which is designed to blend into any vehicle cabin. And is super easy to install.

You really can’t put a price on your loved ones health and it does come with a hefty price tag retailing at $399.00. Considering how much time our “precious cargo” spends in the car, a car air purifier is very much needed. Take control of the air you breathe!

More information:


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