Frugal Friday with Groupon and Amazon!


Retail therapy soothes my soul and when I find a good deal I can’t help but to pass along the savings with my friends and avid readers. Groupon has over 9,000 retailers and over 70,000 deals! With it being back to school season I quickly realized how much money I could save by using Groupon for Aiden’s back to school supplies. Amazon, has a wide variety of back to school supplies and Groupon has over 156 deals on Amazon items. Right now, Groupon offers free shipping on Amazon deals without being an Amazon Prime member.


Groupon has so many retailers yu can shop with such as Barneys, Buckle, Charlotte Russe and Puma. No matter what you are searching for, Groupon has a deal for you! Don’t hesitate, get saving and check on the deals for yourself and your little one’s back to school needs.


Labor Day Weekend 2017! Best Labor Day Gear.

Labor Day weekend in the unofficial final hurrah of summer. Celebrate the close of summer of 2017 with picnics, barbeques, beach trips, dat days, camping or relaxing outdoors with friends and family. To help you celebrate, we have some of the best gear and gadgets to make the last long weekend of summer unforgettable!


iFork is the new dining innovator. The creators of iFork line of flatware, cups and plates are making entertaining easier with the innovative new dining system. The iFork line is intelligently designed to securely fit together. The utensils click into place on either side of the plate and the cup slides in underneath, leaving diners a free hand to eat, wave, or shake hands with others. With this line of tableware, you don’t have to worry about losing your grip, spilling or dropping food or utensils. The line of handyware are versatile, convenient, sanitary, and reusable. The iCup and iPlate are designed to work seamlessly with their line of space saving flatware, which includes the iFork, iSpoon, iKnife, and iSpork. Currently, all three lines are available in BPA free, recyclable plastic, and the iFork collection is also available in handcrafted stainless steel for an extra touch of luxury. For more information or to purhcase, please visit

Toosum Healthy Foods is an innovative snack food brand whose mission is to create great-tasting, super-satisfying, gluten-free snack foods for the health-conscious consumer. Their low-calorie nutrition bars are made with no refined sugars or artificial anything, earning the nickname “Bites with Benefits.” Toosum has perfected a satisfying, gluten-free snack that is as delicious as it is healthy for you. Each 100-calories snack bar is crafted from all natural, nutrient-dense ingredients harvested straight from nature. All Toosum snacks are made low in sugar with zero refined sugars, certified gluten-free, non-GMO with no artificial anything making these the healthiest, most nutritional snack bars. With a wide variety of flavors, there is a bar perfect for everyone! Toosum products can be found at Raley’s stores throughout California and Nevada, independent retailers nationwide as well as through various e-commerce retailers including and, and in other foreign markets. For more information, visit

Introducing Sound Caddy, the world’s first golf club inspired Bluetooth speaker and power bank. Designed for modern golf lovers, Sound Caddy looks like your typical golf club but functions as a powerful Bluetooth speaker, while serving as a convenient portable charging dock in one. Sound Caddy is weatherproof and versatile. That combined with its stunning good looks make it a perfect companion on the green or while playing around at home. Celebrate the end of summer 2017 with your favorite tunes on your favorite course. Sound Caddy retails for $129 and can be purchased at

Groove Life will give you one less thing to worry about while active or simply going through your busy day. The innovative ring is made out of a low profile, flexible silicon that is carved with their patented design, ensuring proper airflow to your fingers. This keeps moisture out while promoting comfort, putting any fears of poor circulation out of your mind while staying busy. The stylish ring will put your mind and body at ease. Instead of worrying about losing or damaging expensive, meaningful jewelry, let Groove Life provide a peace of mind with the Groove Ring. Backed with a lifetime warranty, the Groove Ring provides breathability, flexibility, safety, security and style. Leave your worries behind when setting forth on your next great adventure with the Groove Ring. Groove Life retails for $29.95 and can be purchased online at

The Yatra Aquatune 5712 is the perfect summer companion. No end-of summer bash is complete without your favorite tunes. Whether relaxing at the pool, hiking with friends, partying at the beach, or camping in the woods, Yatra has created the easiest, most compact speaker to jam to all your summer hits with ease. This light, compact, easy to use speaker provides the perfect combination of sound, mobility and endurance. The Aquatune 5712 is special designed to not only float in water but is also weatherproof, shockproof, dustproof – making this speaker the perfect adventure buddy. The bluetooth speakers syncs wirelessly to any device for up to 12 hours of uninterrupted playback. This speaker combines technology and style to create rugged, durable product built to survive any adventure imaginable. The Yatra Aquatune 5712 retail for $34.99. All Yatra products can be found online at, Amazon, and retailers nationwide.

Crafted out of New Zealand wood from sustainable forests, Rollors offers eco-friendly fun for the entire family. The addicting outdoor lawn game consists of wooden disks along with a wooden goal at each end.  The game combines the rolling motion of Bocce Ball with the goal system of horseshoes. It can be neatly and conveniently packed into its portable bag to make it easy to bring along to any park, party, or other outdoor event. Celebrate the end of the summer with this family-game must have. Rollers retails at $49.95 and can be purchased online at


Cirque Italia – Cedar Rapids, IA 2017!



Cirque Italia is a unique show in every sense. After five years of consolidation, a rigorous casting selection, and over 1,000 performances nationwide; this spectacular production has become the greatest version of a “traveling circus”. Cirque Italia is proud to have developed a well-deserved reputation as one of the most innovative shows to be staged in the US.

Conceived by Mr. Manuel Rebecchi, and meticulously directed and produced by Chanté DeMoustes, Cirque Italia is a creative mix of the best elements of entertainment and technology. A “never-seen-before” production that combines acrobatics, dance, contortion, and even high-performance BMX and roller-skating. All performances are done in ways that push the physical boundaries of human abilities, which leaves audiences amazed and astonished.

Performers from all over the world are united under the magic spiral of the white and blue big top. They merge their extraordinary selection of skills and put together a stimulating spin on the industry by embracing the element of water. Cirque Italia has managed to find a delicate balance between the poetic and expressive power of the human body and the versatility and fluidity of water as an artistic scenario.

With a magnetism that draws you into your deepest fantasies, the water circus offers two hours of high-end entertainment. Mermaids and dinosaurs make dreamy appearances while awakening the inner child within you. Laser lights and bubbles act as interdimensional movers. Aerialists, acrobats, and contortionists take the human body to the next level – one you never thought possible!


You may think that such a sophisticated production is out of your budget, but Cirque Italia is committed to bringing Las Vegas to your own hometown. They bring an experience and make it not only memorable, but affordable with very competitive prices and special offers.

Cirque Italia also contributes to the modernization of the performing arts and the circus industry by abiding by a strict animal free policy. The company takes a leading stance in offering quality entertainment beyond the use of animals.


For more information visit and make sure to check all our social media accounts. Tickets can be purchased now starting at $10.00-$50.00 depending on availability.  Cirque Italia offers one free child admission with every full priced paying adult ticket in levels 2 or 3. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers, discounts or deals. Please call 941-704-8572 to find out the promo code for this location.


When: August 24-27

Where: 4400 6th St SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

At: Hawkeye Downs Speedway

Under the grand, swirling White and Blue tent!


  •     August 24 THURS: 7:30pm
  •     August 25 FRI: 7:30pm
  •     August 26 SAT: 1:30pm, 4:30pm, 7:30pm
  •     August 27 SUN: 1:30pm, 4:30pm


Box office hours:

The box office opens on-site on Tuesday, the week of the show – 10am – 9pm


You can purchase tickets through our website ( or by phone: (941) 704-8572. We also respond to text message.



Non vediamo l’ora di vedervi allo spettacolo! Let Your Imagination Wander…and come DIVE into the Magical world of CIRQUE ITALIA.

Ozeri INSTAVAC Nesting Food Storage Container Set .


Instant vacuum freshness without pumps, motors or confusing parts; Simply press down on the lid and air is forced out via the one-way valve.
Patented valve removes excess air to reduce naturally occurring bacteria; It also releases pressure to prevent spills and splatters in microwaves.
Wave pattern on bottom of each container keeps cut fruit and vegetables elevated from water and juices.
Handy date dial allows you to record when food was first stored and monitor days kept in the refrigerator.
BPA-free, stain-resistant, shatter-proof and as transparent as glass; Freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe; Satisfaction guaranteed.
Order Today –

BabyTime! by Episencial


Babytime! By Episencial has a wonderful line of safe, effective, natural skin care products that enhance the health of a baby and young children’s sensitive skin. Babytime! By Episencial has a wonderful line of safe, effective, natural skin care products that enhance the health of a baby and young children’s sensitive skin. Made with all-natural, mostly organic ingredients BabyTime! by Episencial is perfect for the new mom or mom to be.  Products are manufactured in U.S. facilities using solar power, and products are packaged in recycled and sustainable material.


The Babytime! Fruity Fun Care Bundle Pack offers three great sweet smelling bath products that are naturally scented and allergy tested. With extracts like bubbly tangerine, calming lavender sweet cherry, and juicy plus your senses will thank you.
We absolutely love the Playful Wash and Peaceful Bubbbles. Little man loves how the Snuggly lotion feels. But, mama bear on the other hand has an with the scent. It’s not so cherry. I can only use one word to describe it ‘blah’. It’s missing something. It needs a sweeter scent and if it were to have this I would be a fan! The bubbles and wash are phenomenal. Babytime! by Episencial has become the best part of our bath-time routine.

CONQUER THE CLUTTER: 10 Tips Reclaim Your House When the Kids Go Back to School

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — time to send the kids back to school and reclaim your household!  But after a summer of camps and goofing around inside, your house may need a little tough love to get back into shape for the fall.  Research shows that the average American home has 300,000 items in it, and back-to-school is the perfect time to get rid of the ones that you don’t need anymore.


Decluttering expert Tracy McCubbin, founder of dClutterfly, has 10 tips and tricks to declutter and organize your home in preparation for kids to go back to school, including:

  1. Before the onslaught of this school year’s crush of homework and artwork, make sure you have decluttered last year’s!
  2. After a summer of “I’m bored” you’ll have a great idea of what toys your kids really play with.  Time to donate (or toss if they are broken) toys that didn’t get touched.  And don’t forget the holidays (more stuff) are just around the corner.  3.1% of the world’s children live in America, but they own 40% of the toys consumed globally.
  3. Did summer reading lists create a glut of books in your home?  Time to do a purge of the books that won’t get read again or won’t ever be read.  Also, return the overdue library books! Insert book drive center
  4. Running around in bathing suits and sprouting up like weeds means your kids have outgrown a lot of last year’s clothes. Time to do a deep dive on their clothes and donate the clothes they don’t wear or can’t fit into any more.  Plus you’ll then have plenty of room for back-to-school clothes shopping.
  5. Most kids get new backpacks for the each school year.  If last year’s pack is still in good shape, think about donating to a local nonprofit that works with foster kids. Use this an opportunity to declutter backpacks, duffle bags and suitcases.
  6. Everyone is back at or has moved on to a new sport so back to school is a great time to get rid of old sports equipment. Oftentimes, teams collectively donate used equipment to teams and schools that don’t have big budgets so maybe put together a cleat drive?!
  7. Pool, River, Lake or Ocean … have all wreaked havoc on your towels. Once everyone is settled in their new schedules, pull all the towels out and see which ones can go. Donate to local animal rescue.
  8. Tackle your garage. 25% of people with two-car garages don’t have room to park cars inside them and after a summer of everyone home, the garage has become the dumping ground. Tackle this before winter comes! And remember, this is probably one of the biggest jobs on the list .
  9. Constant snacking has probably turned the kitchen upside down. It’s time to return order and systems back to the kitchen.  And maybe a purge?! Sort through food storage, top but not bottom … out! Broken or cracked plates … gone.
  10. Next year think about doing this decluttering while the kids are at sleep away camp!

Frozen Food Aisle + Veggie Rich foods = Fast, Nutrition for YOUR family!


Garden Lites has a variety of new products and increased distribution in the freezer section across the country. Some of the best selection can be found at Kroger, Meijer, Target, Costco, Shop Rite, Publix, Stop & Shop, Giant, HEB, Ralph’s, Fry’s, Whole Foods, and many more retailers, and available for purchase online for home delivery at The line also has the Good Housekeeping Nutrition Seal of Approval, which is the first health-conscious, lifestyle-aware seal in the food and beverage industry.

Garden Lites® Superfood Veggie Cakes:


Experts agree that superfoods are incredibly good for you. Garden Lites® Superfood Veggie Cakes Superfood Blend are packed with nutrient-rich superfood veggies like kale and cauliflower.  Garden Lites® Superfood Veggie Cakes with  Kale & Quinoa are also packed with nutrient-rich superfoods like kale and quinoa.  The line  packs only 100 calories and is Gluten Free!  Garden Lites® Superfood Veggie Cakes come in a package of 6 veggie cakes for an SRP of $4.99. They are available in both frozen and refrigerated sections.

Garden Lites® Superfood Mac & Cheese:


Garden Lites® elevates one of America’s favorite comfort foods, Mac & Cheese, with tons of fresh vegetables and gluten free red lentil pasta. Since veggies are always the first ingredient in all of Garden Lites dishes, new Garden Lites® Superfood Mac &Cheese is loaded with superfood veggies like butternut squash, cauliflower and kale, and is made with healthy red lentil pasta. The 10 oz. Superfood Mac ‘n Cheese is gluten free and has an SRP of $3.99 – $4.39.

Garden Lites® Veggie Chili & Cornbread:


Garden Lites® Veggie Chili & Cornbread marries the flavors flavorful Veggie Chili & Cornbread, and is packed with veggies, including tomatoes, black beans, zucchini and broccoli.  This wholesome Veggie Chili & Cornbread is a healthier version of your favorite comfort food and gluten free! The 10 oz. Veggie Chili Cornbread have an SRP of $3.99-$4.39.

Garden Lites Waffles:


Garden Lites® Waffles are available in two flavors: Homestyle Waffles and Blueberry Waffles. Homestyle Waffles offer the comfort food taste of your childhood while the Blueberry Waffles are bursting with blueberries. Garden Lites Waffles are available in the frozen section of supermarkets. They come six to box at an SRP of $3.49.

For more information on Garden Lites products, visit and be sure to “Like” on Facebook and Follow on Twitter!