Back 2 School: New Natural Fruit Juice Kids Beverage (Lunchbox / Recess Idea)

Looking for delicious lunchbox/backpack essentials for kids during back to school season that helps them stay refreshed?

Fruit Shoot® is a refreshing fruit juice drink for kids that’s ready to keep up with them and their “thing”, whatever their thing may be. It’s made with real juice from concentrate, plenty of water and with no artificial flavors or high fructose corn syrup and they just launched a NEW Fruit Punch Flavor!


Also, the re-sealable sports cap makes it a perfect drink for kids to bring on daily adventures and get their “thing” on such as lunchtime, recess and afterschool activities.

Treat Your Children to Beachbody’s New Nutrition Shake

Children are notoriously picky eaters often leaving parents to resort to extremes to make sure they get their fill of fruits and veggies — or sometimes it even becomes a lost cause. But fear not! Beachbody just launched their first nutrition shake developed specifically for children, but tastes good enough for all ages, called Daily Sunshine!

Beachbody, leading fitness and nutrition provider and creator of popular at-home workout programs like P90X, Insanity, and 21 Day Fix as well as the complete nutrition shake called Shakeology, launched Daily Sunshine to help children meet all their nutritional needs, hence it’s nickname — the 3 in 1 smoothie.


The shake, available in chocolate and strawberry-banana, comprises a perfect blend of fruits and veggies, plant based protein, and healthy fats. The power shake is also:

  • Non-GMO
  • Soy-free
  • Dairy-free (vegan)
  • Gluten free
  • Low glycemic
  • Contains no artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives Back To School Campaign @shopkidsshoes


With so many exclusive styles it’s not hard to believe is The #1 Place To Shop For KidsShoes! Your destination for the best in children’s footwear all in one place. KidsShoes offers a variety of designer brands you know and love such as Michael Kors, Sam Edelman, Kenneth Cole, Tommy Hilfiger, Ash Sneakers, Stuart Weitzman, Ivanka Trump, and Sydney Jordyn.

My son absolutely loves shoes and fashion. We had the opportunity to try out KidsShoes and picked the Driving Dime, Spotty Sport, and Kick Insight Shoe.


As you can see my little one is overly excited to open the box and check out his new shoes from KidsShoes! Momma bear was impressed with the customer service as well as the shipping time frames. The package arrived super fast.

With an easy 30-day guarantee and free shipping on orders over $30.00. Shopping for back to school shoes will be hassle free for the 2017 school year.


Mommy needs sleep: Lull mattress review. #getyourlullon #lullbed #ad


It’s hard to believe and kind of gross to imagine. My college days were a good 13 plus years ago and I didn’t even consider purchasing a new mattress until recently when Lull offered to send one to review. The mattress I owned got me through school, kept me afloat during my rough times and comforted my child as I sang him to sleep on countless nights.

You wouldn’t realize how attached you get to your mattress!

All moms know, there comes a point where the dream of flowers and chocolates is tossed
aside for a comfy pillow, soft blanket and a few good hours of uninterrupted sleep.

If I were to ask you what three things you needed more of in your life. I am sure you would quickly respond with ‘sleep.’

Luckily for myself, I’ve had the opportunity to try out the Lull bed in hopes of a better nights sleep. The current trend in the bedding industry is the manufacturing and delivery of boxable beds sold online.  Also know as bed-in-a-box and mattress-in-a-box. The mattresses are compressed, vacuum wrapped,  rolled and put into a box for doorstep delivery.


With so many options on the market it’s hard to choose. With a sleeper satisfaction rate of 95% promising great sleep, guaranteed.  Lull has taken charge of the market offering an advanced Three-Layer Technology for a great night’s sleep.And I am loving it!

AT 1/3 of the price of other retailers this exceptionally-designed mattress is offered at an impressive price without all of the markups. For those who are skeptical Lull also offers a risk-free trail.

You need to sleep on it. They understand. How does 100 nights sound?

Try it for 100 nights. If you are not thrilled they will accept it back.

With lasting durability, therapeutic support and cooling comfort I’m not only impressed but refreshed throughout the day with a better nights sleep.


I will admit that some morning’s its rather difficult getting out of bed.

#getyourlullon #lullbed #ad


Smart Device Easily Attaches to Collars and Harnesses, and Features GPS, LBS and Wireless Technologies to Provide Pet Owners with Real-Time Activity and Wellness Tracking

No Matter Their Pet’s Location


(Los Angeles, CA)July 11, 2017 – Paby today introduced its 3G wireless smart pet tracker that monitors a pet’s location and activity to provide owners with peace of mind when it comes to their furry loved ones’ safety and wellness.  Equipped with a combination of advanced 3G GPS, LBS (Location Based Services) and Wi-Fi Scan technologies, Paby provides consumers with real-time, highly accurate tracking information, no matter where their pets are.  Paby, which works as a stand-alone device, allows users to set “virtual fences” using their smartphones to receive real-time alerts when their pets leave the designated “zone.”  And, with a durable band that fits any sized collar (small and large), the activity tracker feature allows users to also track their pet’s number of steps, calories burned, sleep patterns and the intensity of their play time.   Paby is available for $79.99 at


Paby features a small, light (31.6 grams), durable and waterproof design available in a variety of colors and patterns (“Spider Red,” “Future Green,” “Allstar,” “Midnight Black” and “Bubble Pink”) to match the pet’s personality. The innovative, non-toxic pet product also includes an RGB LED flashing light for added pet safety as well as a high fidelity waterproof speaker that plays multiple sounds to alert the user (via the mobile app) when their pet is nearby. With a gel state polymer lithium ion battery, the GPS tracker incorporates the latest in battery technology and is built to last with PC ABS, laser direct structuring, UV coating and in-mold decoration.


Paby comes with a free mobile app for both iOS and Android that allows users to view custom reports and alerts, designate virtual fences and receive daily exercise recommendations based on the pet’s breed, weight and age. The intuitive app allows users to register their pet’s profile and instantly track its location via Google Maps. Users can share the app’s pet data with other Paby owners, and manage multiple Paby’s on their smartphones.  Paby is committed to a pet’s health and safety, and as a result, has partnered with animal hospitals and local vets to provide information on recommended exercise time for pets based on their breed, weight and age.


Unlike other pet trackers, Paby was designed as an unlocked device – meaning users have the option when it comes to their cellular 3G coverage. They can simply purchase a Network Service Fee through Paby directly at a lower cost, or purchase their own plan through their cellular provider.



About Paby

Paby is a global Pet Tech company developing a full ecosystem of pet care products ranging from smart tracking devices and applications and services to pet lifestyle products and accessories.  The company’s mission is to continually strive to merge cutting-edge technology with innovative product design that will help transform and better the life of your pet.  Paby’s passionate team is focused on the global market, and are committed to sustainable pet care by the use of global talent and resources. Our core team is a combination of the world’s leading professionals, from electronic and telecom engineering to health technology and pet biology.  For more information, visit

Must Haves for Back to School

Bring the eagerness and excitement of the first day with some amazingly colorful supplies from OOLY, a fun back pack from DabbaWalla, fast hydration from ion8, clean hydration from ZeroWater, or convenient lunch containers from  Snap Pak.


Kids do not always recognize thirst thus leaving them more susceptible to dehydration.  In children, dehydration in even small amounts can cause tiredness, reduced mental performance and headaches. ZeroWater provides clean hydration for kids of all ages.  With the 5 stage water filter, ZeroWater takes out more TOTAL dissolved solids than any other filter.  Leaving you with the best, clean water for your kiddos.

23C ZeroWater:  Fill up kids water bottles every morning to take to school!  Fits perfectly in your fridge.

MSRP $39.99



ion8 -ion8 water bottles are great for kids of all ages.  All ion8 bottles are 100% leak proof, easy to use with one hand with a one-touch flip top as well as a secure lid lock.  POD: $12

Ion8 Product Specs:

•100% Leak Proof

•Fast flow for rapid hydration

•Hygienic flip top for one handed use

•Dishwasher Safe

•Soft touch surface for effortless grip

•Suitable for HOT and COLD liquids!  14 – 200 degree Fahrenheit

•Available on Amazon in the US and Canada



OOLY: Colorful supplies for children of all ages!


Fantastic Planet Colored Pencils are good for the planet, made out of plastic barrels, not wood.  The triangular shaped barrel design makes it so they will not roll away in 24 different colors including magenta, peach and gray!  MSRP $9.95

Available at


LUNCHBAGS FROM DABBAWALLA:  Pack and carry lunch with ease in 100% toxic free Dabbawalla Lunch Totes that keep food fresh.  Machine washable and made os sustainable material that is degradable, recyclable and 100% toxic free, lead free, BPA free and do not contain phthalates or PVC.  MSRP: $30


Snap Pak’s Back Pak Lunch Sack fits perfectly within your backpack or school bag to keep your lunch fresh until lunchtime.  Each container includes one neoprene insulating sleeve that fits over the double compartment container.  What is event better – each package includes 5 containers so meal prepping has never been easier.

•Great for lunch at school or the office

•MICROWAVABLE!  Heat up your lunch in the morning, pull the neoprene sleeve over and have a fresh and warm meal at lunchtime.

•Meal prep for the week and refrigerate, pull out your salad or meal of choice, pull the neoprene sleeve over for a cool lunch.

•NO MORE back pack spills!

•Includes 5 Double Compartments plus lids

•Reusable and BPA Free

•Made from 100% FDA approved Virgin Polypropylene

•MSRP $16.99