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If traveling were FREE you wouldn’t see me.. 
We absolutely love exploring and traveling through the US and hope to travel Internationally in the near future. Blogging, has influenced many of our recent getaways and we hope to continue to offer reviews in the future of places we’ve visited.



Eight magical days in Florida.

For Aiden’s eighth birthday I surprised him with a trip to Florida. We had so much fun and were busy non-stop. Here’s what we did with our eight magicaldays in Florida.

Day one: We woke up at 5:00 am and began our adventure. Traveling from Iowa to Florida via United Airlines. Once we landed we checked out our Amazing Airbnb and then rushed off to Medieval Times for a fun filled dinner.  This utensil-free four course meal is served in a castle-like space with jousting, horsemanship and falconry! Once parked you will be able to check in and will be provided with a crown in a specific color to cheer on your knight! You will then enter a large room where drinks may be purchased as well as novelty items. A pre-show will occur and guest will be admitted based up their color. The waitresses/waiter will immediately greet you once seated and dinner will be served course by course. This shows not only fun for kids and saw a few sections of adult only patrons!




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May 2017:

Cancun and Isla Mujeres May 2017 Vacation

The saying ‘you need a vacation from a vacation’ is definitely true. Cancun was an amazing experience and staying at the Golden Parnassus All-Inclusive Resort was a first for me. We were welcomed from the moment we arrived and drinks were poured as quickly as we could sit down. Needless to say, after filling our bellies three times a day we didn’t have much room left to guzzle down drinks.



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March 2017:

Carnival Cruises and Spring Break Family Travel


Oh my, Aiden and I just arrived home after a few days on board the Carnival Inspiration. This was our first cruise experience and it was all that we could imagine and much more. From the start of the trip to the end we were treated like VIP. The host, maids and servers greeted us by name and chit chatted like best friends. With plenty of activities for the young and the young at heart you can literally keep busy non-stop 24 hours a day.


While you could literally keep busy 24 hours a day. I would definitely recommend a little rest…

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This year we have some awesome new adventures planned. The mini and myself have visited the Los Angeles area before. However, this time we will be staying on Venice Beach via After our short visit in March we will then hop onto a Carnival Cruise and sail away for a few days of mom and me time. It’s much needed. I love this little boy and cherish one on one with him. I am so nervous yet excited.


Following this trip, the boyfriend and myself have a much needed getaway planned to Cancun at the Golden Parnassus all inclusive resort!



October 2016:

Interested in traveling this fall? Your family will love Springfield, Missouri! @usfg #travelsfg

Come visit the Springfield Visitors Center at:
815 E St Louis St #100
Springfield, MO 65806
(800) 678-8767

My little guy, mother and myself were lucky enough to be selected to travel to Springfield and experience the city during the month of October 2016. This city has so much to do, and we had an amazing time bouncing from place to place. The travel to Springfield (6 hours) was an adventure itself with many stops along the way and areas of interest.

We arrived to our hotel fairly early and were greeted by the friendly staffed who had no issues checking us into a room ahead of time at the Days Inn Springfield (621 W Sunshine Springfield, MO 65807).  The hotel itself was located conveniently in the center off all attractions and the room was clean and large enough for our family! Also, continental breakfast and a pool/hot tub were some great perks!


March 2016

Catamaran Funcat Puerto Rico: Sail, snorkel & party day tour. #travelblogger #review @FuncatPR

For years, I’ve dreamed of sailing the ocean. And finally, I can say I’ve had the opportunity to experience this thanks to FUN CAT Sailing Snorkeling Tours of Puerto Rico. The FUN CAT is a 51 foot long boat that can seat 61 passengers. However, they never take more than 49 on-board. Making the FUN CAT the roomiest, most comfortable catamaran in the Puerto Rican Fleet. This boat is family friendly and parents are expected to be vigilant.

For only $89.00 when booked online or $119.00 with shuttle service from your hotel to the marina. Guest can sail and snorkel at the Spanish Virgin Islands without a passport needed.
This trip includes a picnic lunch and refreshments as well as a FREE Rum Party for all you Caribbean Pirates during the last hour of the trip. The FUN CAT anchors over the best reefs and offers guest the opportunity to swim through the underwater caves.

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Luquillo Fly Board Puerto Rico #Bucketlist #Review #TravelBlogger

Luquillo Fly Board is unique in Puerto Rico as it’s the only available Fly Boarding company on the island. And on top this it’s location is beyond phenomenal as it’s located at one of the top beaches in Puerto Rico. If you are looking for a calm beach with beautiful scenery be sure to check out Luquillo Beach.

With that being said I’m going to get to business and tell you about our experience with Luquillo Fly Board as well a introduce you to this sport. A Flyboard is a type of water jetpack/hoverboard that is attached to a personal water craft. In many cases a jet ski is used to supply propulsion to drive the Flyboard through air and water to perform a sport known as flyboarding. The Flyboard rider stands straight up on a board which is connected by a long hose to a watercraft. Water is then forced under pressure to a pair of boots with jet nozzles underneath which then provide thrust for the rider to fly up to 49ft in the air.

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Aqua Adventure (Puerto Rico): SNUBA® diving review.

Puerto Rico, part of the Caribbean and an unincorporated U.S. territory offers some amazing views and great thrills. Recently, the boyfriend and I had the opportunity to travel to Puerto Rico and enjoy a week in the sun. Puerto Rico, offers a great selection of beautiful white-sand beaches and a few of the popular activities for this region are snorkeling, diving, surfing and sailing.

Aqua Adventures PR worked with us in arranging a SNUBA® session that lasted an hour at the Caribe Hilton Hotel in exchange for this review.  This Caribe Hilton, is the perfect location for SNUBA® diving and offers a wonderful shallow dive cove. No boat is utilized to move to another location and the tour cost $79.00 + sales tax per person. All towels and gear are included. And on top of this, the wonderful SNUBA® instructor will capture your experience in digital format and send the photos to you via Dropbox.

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October 2015

Maquoketa Caves with a toddler (photos). #travel #familytravel 

  Artifacts such as pottery, as well as tools and projectile points made of stone have been found in the caves and surrounding area. These discoveries tell us that the Maquoketa Caves area has been a popular spot for hundreds of years, perhaps thousands of years. Early recorded history tells of the Native Americans in the area, and that they were likely visitors to the Raccoon Creek valleys. From the discovery of the caves in the 1830’s by settlers until the present, the park has been a place to view the special beauty that nature has to offer.

Beautiful milk white stalactites once hung from the ceilings and stalagmites rose from the floor. Souvenir hunters have robbed the caves of this rare beauty, but many formations remain.

Maquoketa Caves is probably Iowa’s most unique state park. Its caves, limestone formations and rugged bluffs provide visitors a chance to “step back” into geological time thousands of years. Caves vary from the 1,100′ Dancehall Cave with walkways and lighting system to Dugout Cave. The remaining caves are all different sizes and shapes. Some can be explored by walking while others can best be seen by crawling. In any case, a flashlight and old clothes and shoes are most helpful.

VEGAS PUB CRAWLER, the ultimate pub crawl in Downtown Las Vegas that is on a big bike. #Review

Vegas, is a destination I tend to visit several times a year. It never gets old and always has a new adventure awaiting. VEGAS PUB CRAWLER, offered myself and a guest the time of our lives filled with music and laughter while meeting other individuals on the same mission to have a little fun while visiting Sin City! This is the ultimate pub crawl and is perfect for bachelor/bachelorette  parties, birthday parties, weddings and corporate events. 

With over ten pubs to choose from and the option of bringing your own music the Vegas Pub Crawler is a great fun way to do a pub crawl in Downtown Las Vegas and get to see some of the city besides what’s on the strip. The downtown cycle pub is a great idea that fits perfectly into the new downtown bar district.With the opportunity to book anywhere from two hours to the whole night the possibilities are endless. This cycle can hold anywhere from six to fifteen friends for an unforgettable adventure. 

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Dick’s Last Resort at the Excalibur in Las Vegas.

Dick’s Last Resort, also known as ‘The Shame O’ The Strip’ in Las Vegas offered a very eventful and  memorable dining experience while visiting SinCity. Well known for their rowdy wait staff and zanny decor. The staff at Dick’s Last Resort are beyond hilarious and if you tend to be easily offended I wouldn’t recommend going. With live music on the weekends and happy hour from 3-5pm. This let-loose atmosphere is the ultimate place to kick back and enjoy a few laughs on the house.

If you dare, allow the waitstaff at Dick’s Last Resort to personalize a fashionably foolish paper hat that’s guaranteed to not only make your friends laugh at you but yourself later when you have the opportunity to take a look. Over the years, I’ve seen others photos at Dick’s Last Resort and I’ve always wanted to join in on the fun. Emily, at Dick’s Last Resorted offered Dinner on Dick’s which included: one appetizer, two entrees, two nonalcoholic beverages, and two delicious desserts on the house.

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June 2015:

You simply cannot put a price on the time spent with your family. And as we all know our little ones grow to fast and the memories formed while traveling or on vacation will be treasured for a lifetime. Whenever, I have the opportunity to spend one on one with my little family I take advantage of it. We recently had the opportunity to visit the Wilderness Resort in the Wisconsin Dells. Let me tell you, this water-park has officially become one of our yearly vacation destinations. With plenty of slides, an amazing wave pool, relaxing lazy river and several toddler friendly play and spray areas to keep the young and those young at heart entertained, you will surely visit the Wilderness Resort year after year.

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Universal Studios Hollywood is one of the most popular attractions in the Los Angeles area which features rides and amusements based on some of the most popular scene and characters from film and television. If thrills are you thing, there are plenty of hair-raising rides and coasters. Welcoming hoards of tourist each day I’d highly suggest purchasing the Front of Line passes for $149 (Save $10 online). A one day ticket will run you $85 (Save $10 online). A family excursion to Universal Studios
doesn’t come cheap.

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Universal Studios Hollywood, CA

We jumped in the car and headed towards Carlsbad, CA for some family fun time at the LEGOLAND CALIFORNIA. We’ve never been here before and Aiden’s mentioned for quite some time that’ he’d like to visit. When I received the official invite I was beyond thrilled and had to share the news with my Lego loving son. Aiden was ecstatic and couldn’t wait if only this reaction were caught on video. I have to admit I was almost as excited as Aiden because I honestly had no idea what to expect. Once we entered the park’s entrance, I knew we were going to have a great day!

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 Medieval Times goes into action as soon as you enter the castle doors and pumps up the adrenaline and excitement for the show to come. They’ve prepared for a fantastic trip to the past in which you will be greeted as royalty and a colored crown will be assigned with a section to sit at to cheer on your Knight. The environment, energy, people, food, lights and colors transport you into a world of make believe.

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Medieval Times Buena Park, CA

May 2015: 

My little family was lucky enough to travel to Springfield and experience the city May 14th through the 17th. This city has so much to do, and we had an amazing time bouncing from place to place. The travel to Springfield (6 hours) was an adventure itself with many stops along the way and areas of interest.

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Springfield, MO

With six convenient locations in the USA and three in Mexico. America’s Incredible Pizza Company offers a vast array of games and food choices to satisfy the pickiest of guest. The buffet is super cheap and can be purchased for as low as .99 cents with a coupon. Which includes a great selection of Mexican, American and Italian choices.  And for those like myself who have a sweet tooth you will love the dessert bar which includes: cookies, ice cream, pies and cake. I also noticed a few great gluten and sugar free choices which were mighty tasty!

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May 2014:

Family means the world to me and recently we had the opportunity to visit The Wilderness Resort in the Wisconsin Dells. Let me tell you, this water-park has officially become one of our yearly vacation destinations. With plenty of slides, an amazing wave pool, relaxing lazy river and several toddler friendly play and spray areas to keep the young and those young at heart entertained, you will surely want to visit The Wilderness Resort again and again.

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